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Do Air-Vented Boots Effectively Cool Down Tendon Temperature in the Equine Distal Limb During Exercise and Recovery?
by Harriet Raymond
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BEF and MAREC Internship 2017 Report
by Elsmore, Rhiannon
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Upcoming Conferences & Events
3rd Saddle Research Trust International Conference Horse, Rider, Saddlery Interactions: Welfare & Performance
08 Dec 2018 to 08 Dec 2018
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• Undergraduates, postgraduates and post doctoral researchers on equine topics.
• Riding schools, livery yards, breeders, trekking centres, competition yards, competition disciplines, charitable and welfare enterprises seeking information.
• Companies selling feed, tack, clothing, veterinary products, insurance, buildings, equipment, advertising etc to the equine industry.
• National and local government departments seeking information.
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